Avoid Public Customer Complaints

Consider customer complaints as a gift. According to Lee Resource Inc., for every customer who bothers to complain, 26 others remain silent. Be thankful to the one who complains. The other 26 did nothing to help you improve your business.

That said, it’s best to keep complaints internal. Unhappy customers are infinitely more motivated than a satisfied customer to say something about your company. That may seem unfair but think about this: Your happy customer is pleased because you did what you said you would do. You gave proper service/product in exchange for their money. A happy customer doesn’t owe you anything else; in their minds, it was a fair exchange.

However, unhappy customer feels slighted. Their time and/or money was wasted.  True, if they had complained right then, you may have fixed the problem, but they didn’t give you a chance. Should they? They certainly are not obligated to – your company made the mistake in the first place.

The Solution:

Attempt to collect feedback from every customer. Let it be known that their feedback is welcome and highly encouraged. Some businesses offer incentives for those who provide any type of feedback, good or bad. It’s up to you whether or not you do that.

In addition, the feedback collection control should not be in the hands of your employees. They may be great people, but there is a risk of sabotage. Put signs up in your place of business to ask for customer feedback. Send emails to customers. Always offer a link in your email and print newsletters that your customers can go to so that they can offer their feedback.

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