Starting a Coaching Program

Coaching Program Express Checklist

Whether you are an industry expert or you have expertise in a category such as a type of marketing, you can start your own coaching or consulting program.

1 – Know what you are talking about. This seems obvious — but there are some pretenders out there.

If you have an overall expertise in an industry or a specific expertise within an industry, people will pay to learn from you.

2 – Develop a plan about how you are going to reach your audience. If you are working from within the industry you may already know this. If you are well-known as successful in your field, industry events will provide an opportunity to reach your audience. It’s not enough to make you rich — but it is a start. Think about how you went about looking for help in your business. The places that you looked may be the same places that others look.

3 – Have something to sell. Your time/expertise is the fastest and easiest asset to sell right away. However, you will want to add more to your package to sell because eventually you will run out of time.

Training products are a good lead-in for your expertise coaching. Training products are not easy —but they are simple to create when you know what you are talking about. Our company offers a Content Creation Formula to create training products. Inquire by going to our contact us page.

4 – Launch your training products as fast as possible so you can jump into the market. Your training products are what puts you out there as an expert in your field. Actively market yourself as a host for webinars, seminars, and live on-site training programs using your training products as a magnet to attract interested parties.

5 – Author a book. Nothing demonstrates your expertise like your name on the cover of a book. Although there are a plethora of self-publishing training programs available, it is not a simple task. Even if you have a traditional publishing house ready to publish a book for you, creating the book is the hardest part. has made creating AND publishing your book an easy process.